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How a Butterfly became the Logo of a Rose Farm.

Hidden away in the Andes mountains, in the small village of Tabacundo lies Alma Roses: a flower farm with more than 25 years of experience in growing roses and spray roses.

We visited Alma Roses to learn more about the history of the farm. The owner of the farm, Dr. Jose Roberto Camacho, greeted us and gave us a personal tour of the farm.

The inspiration behind the company came after an unfortunate event. Following the sudden death of Dr. Camacho’s daughter, him and his wife suddenly saw butterflies surrounding them. They interpreted the presence of the butterflies as a message of love from their late daughter. They decided that a butterfly would be part of their logo and their daughter’s message would be the motivation behind their work.

The farm, which counts with more than 20 hectares of land, is located in a privileged area in Ecuador. Besides the high altitude (flowers grow at around 9500 feet above sea level), the richness of the soil, the purity of the water from natural sources, and the 12 hours of sun make Tabacundo the perfect space to grow high quality flowers.

Alma Roses specialises in roses and spray roses. The most popular rose colors are creamy whites and beige, although recently they have noticed a high demand for coral and dark pinks.

“We believe in putting our soul and spirit in each step of growing and cutting our flowers” says Dr. Camacho. That is exactly is what makes these roses special. The team at Alma Roses is not only committed to handling the roses the correct way, but more importantly treating their employees that take care of these roses as equally well. They have developed programs to help their workers with constant learning opportunities, focusing on three specific aspects: housing, health, and education. They also emphasize on giving young mothers fair opportunities by offering them special maternity courses.  

Alma Roses is also working alongside the local government to support the community by buying products created in Tabacundo. Alma Roses is also aware of their impact on the environment which is why they work hard on reducing the toxic chemicals used to fumigate and grow their flowers.

iBuyFlowers and Alma Roses have worked together several years. iBuyflowers selects each farm carefully to insure the best and freshest flowers, but also the best working environment from where the roses and flowers come from. iBuyFlowers is happy to have Alma Roses as one of their rose farms.

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