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Why We Believe in Fair Trade

With more than 25 years of experience, we are well aware of the amount of effort it takes to nourish, grow, cut and deliver beautiful flowers, but we are also mindful of the impact the floriculture industry has on the environment and society.

We believe that we can change the world, starting with the way we operate in it. This is why we work with farms that are supported by major fair-trade certifications such as the Rainforest Alliance Certificate, Fairtrade, Florverde Sustainable Flowers, Flower Label Program, to name a few.

We work side by side with some of the best farms in US, Colombia, Ecuador, Thailand and the Netherlands, not only to ensure the highest quality and freshest flowers, but also guarantee sustainable practices that are friendly with the environment but also with surrounding communities.

Because cut flower trade is such a powerful economic source in developing countries, it is important to set high standards and only work with those who are committed to create fair conditions for employees, making sure to comply with basic needs like health care, education and proper housing.

It is also important to mention that the flower industry provides job opportunities for minorities like women and less educated people. For example, many of our farms count with special programs for young mothers, allowing them to have equal conditions in the workplace such as legal wages, having social security, paid vacations and maternity leave. We believe that empowering young women and vulnerable people can create a significant difference in many lives.

They say every rose has its thorn. In the cut flower industry, pesticides and irrigation practices have threatened ecosystems and also the health of surrounding communities. Our farms work under strict regulations and innovative technology that allow them to find more sustainable ways to conserve water and soil. Under the Rainforest Alliance certification, for example, farms must protect natural ecosystems, prevent deforestation and conserve broader landscape containing wildlife.

Fair trade certification is important to us because it means that we are working towards reducing the impact we have on our planet and therefore allowing future generations to still have the possibility of being amazed by nature’s gift to us: flowers.

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