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The Origin of the Wreath

Whether it’s the changing colors of leaves, the cool, crisp air or the beautiful wreaths adorning our doors and our homes, we all know holiday season has begun! While we are excited to begin decorating our homes and businesses to spread the holiday joy, have you ever wondered where some traditions come from? Today we take a look at the origin and story behind Christmas wreaths!


This tradition began centuries ago in Greece and Rome, where members of society would create ring-shaped wreaths to identify one’s occupation and status. The most common use for wreaths in Greek Roman society was to honor victors as a sign of triumph, using laurel leaves to decorate their heads or necks. Today, laurel wreaths are still used by students in graduation ceremonies in Italy.


Harvest wreaths, on the other hand, come from European traditions to honor the passing of time and the gratitude to earth for the harvest. These wreaths embrace the transition of seasons and through their circular shape they symbolize eternity. 


For Christians, wreaths hold a special meaning because they are used to celebrate Advent season and the preparation for Christmas. Wreaths mostly made of evergreens are hung on walls, doors and can even hold candles that are lit up every Sunday in December.


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