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Did you hear? Pantone revealed it’s color for 2020

This week, Pantone revealed the color that will take over every living room, fashion runway, and of course – flower vase in 2020. The color selected for 2020 is a soothing, Classic Blue. This hue represents confidence and stability in a world that can sometimes cause confusion and uncertainty. Pantone forecasts that this color will make a comeback in design next year.

Pantone is a US based company that created a color matching system which allows designers and creatives to identify and communicate in a “universal language of color”. Before ringing in the new year, the company forecasts which color will dominate in design for the following year. Last year, the color chosen was “Living Coral”. This vibrant, yet mellow hue inspired warmth and comfort in our continually shifting environment. Some have criticised the chosen color this year, arguing that Pantone missed the mark by not naming a green color – to continue the conversation about climate change. Others say that this elegant yet simple and reflective color is “an anchoring foundation” that will challenge us to “think more deeply, increase our perspective and open the flow of communication”, according to the Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute.

Similar shoes of blue have been selected in past years such as Turquoise (2010), Blue Iris (2008) and Cerulean (2000). During this year’s color reveal, Pantone announced that the company partnered with other brands to develop the complementary sound, smell, taste and texture of the chosen color of the year in the form of a suede box, a musk-and-sea-salt-scented candle, a blue, berry-flavored jelly, and a three-minute audio track titled “Vivid Nostalgia.”

We cannot wait to see how your creativity fusions this color into your beautiful creations.


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