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Let’s be Creative!

Our industry is impacted heavily, and I heard one florist describe it well: ‘We wanted to be in growing season […as a business] but we are in surviving season instead.’ And we are, it will take the best of our creativity to get through this. What is important is that we stand united, take the necessary safety precautions and find the opportunities in the adversity. We are resilient, and we need to come together, quickly.

I have been talking to over 30 CEO’s the past week with all kinds of products (roses, carnations, fillers, greens etc) in the Netherlands, Ecuador, Columbia and California where currently millions of flowers are being turned to waste. The impact on the future flower supply, prices and not to mention people’s lives will be immense.

The florists and wedding/event planners suffer equally with much uncertainty about their business operations. The Society for American Florists have responded quickly and are helping with content and advice. I also came across an interview focusing on whether a florist is an essential business and it is – depending the state – safe to stay open for business.

An initiative which went viral is the #BuyFlowersNotToiletPaper movement, starting in the Netherlands and taking the world by storm in days. The story is very much relevant, we need to keep our business alive by joining forces: growers, florists, wedding and event planners, associations etc., We need to harness the power of unity. Which is what we need now, more than ever.

I love the many initiatives to bring happiness in our communities like supporting our senior citizens, handing out bouquets in the neighborhood and thanking our nurses and hospitals for their tremendous work. That is what we do it all for: bringing happiness to people.

Our online B2B market place represents over 40 international growers who have a huge variety of flowers that can still be picked, packed and shipped direct from them to florists and events in the US. Let’s bring out our creativity to help them, you and your customers.

Stay safe and together we flourish!

Will de Wit


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