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Actual deliveries iBuyFlowers April 7, 2020

Thoughtful creativity aids keeping the lights on

Dear floral community,

We’re all trying to get to grips with the new reality and the impact on our business and personal lives. Across the country we’re witnessing different measures put in place for our personal health and safety and for those around us. The extended team at are committed to remain a source of fresh flowers for florists who are permitted to remain open and help out our flower industry cope with the effects of the current health crisis. For those who have had to close their operations or are (in)directly health impacted, I profoundly sympathize with you and your families.

In situations where the State or municipality hasn’t issued an all-inclusive “stay at home” order, it is encouraging to hear people finding ways to continue to persevere. With traditional flower supply channels closed or with minimal operations, florists are turning to ‘direct from grower’ options, either with local growers or through online fresh flower platforms. From the data we can see, there are many florists, even in heavily impacted areas, who are maintaining a level of their operations in place.

Some of the creative solutions I have heard from our customers who have:

  • put in place online or phone ordering and contactless payments;
  • switched to curbside deliveries, limiting access to their store or put in place drive through flower stations;
  • delivering 100% farm pre-assembled bouquets due to less or no staff available;
  • conduct online creative workshops for children at home.

Florists are also keeping connected with their community and customers through their social channels and newsletters. All testaments of using our creativity to continue to spread happiness and emotional well-being which is the heart of the flower business.

Recently I came across a health and safety topic regarding fresh flowers I wanted to share with you. Dr. Max Teplitski, Chief Science Officer, Produce Marketing Association conducted several interviews with experts (also with the CDC and the US FDA ) on the matter and all were unanimous that the risk of contracting COVID-19 from flowers is less than negligible. Our growers are also taking all health safety measures to make sure the flowers are picked, packed and shipped safely.

Mother’s Day (May 10) and Nurse Day (May 12) are approaching in the next coming weeks. And although we cannot foresee what the situation will be like then, I am positive we can remain to play the important role in our communities for those who are able to bring a token of love, appreciation and hope to their loved ones.

Stay safe. Let’s flourish together!

With warmest regards,

Will de Wit  – on behalf of our complete team
(Founder and CEO)


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