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Nurses Week is coming up! How florists can anticipate May 6 to 12


In the middle of pandemics, social distancing and bad news, there’s a silver lining: we get to show appreciation and recognition for our nurses. The second silver lining is that Nurses Week is coming (May 6 to May 12), giving the world the chance to say “Thank you” to our hardworking heroes. As a florist, you play an important role during this joyful week. After all, flowers are the best way to say thanks! Plus, this season is probably not what you expected it to be, which is all the more reason to turn Nurses Week into a big happening- Mother’s Day-style.  

So how do you do it? We’ll get you started in this article.  

What is Nurses Week? 

On May 12, the world celebrates the birthday of the most famous nurse of all time: Florence Nightingale (1820-1910). She laid the groundworks for modern nursing and is often called The Lady with the Lamp because of her frequent night rounds in the army hospital during the Crimean War. The week May 6-12 is International Nurses Week, to both honor Florence’ work and to raise awareness for the oh-so-important nurse profession. May 6 is National Nurses Day in the United States, marking the starting day of International Nurses Week.  

How can we celebrate? 

Both Nurses Day (6 May) and Nurses Week (May 6 to 12) are celebrated across the United States. People surprise nurses with cards, chocolates, small presents and of course: flowers! As a florist, there’s no format you should stick with; Nurses Week is the perfect opportunity to get creative. Need some inspiration? How about any of these ideas: 

  • Set up a special Nurses Week corner in your flower shop or online shop 
  • Get Nurses Week greeting cards that customers can add to their order 

How can we turn Nurses Week into an even bigger event? 

We can imagine you wonder how you can make the most of events in this current situation. Allow us to help you out! We not only offer 4000+ farm-fresh flowers and pre-assembled bouquets that came straight from our network of growers; we can help you promote Nurses Week to your customer base. Simply follow the steps below: 

  • Go to the IBuyFlowers app  
  • Pre-order your flowers 
  • Promote Nurses Week through your own social media channels using the hashtags #buyflowersfornursesweek #ibuyflowers 
  • We will like and share your post on our own channels, spreading the word about Nurses Week! 


Let’s join forces and keep our beautiful industry alive! 

Order flowers for Nurses Week here: Shop now

Stay safe. Let’s flourish together!


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