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40+ premium growers united

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Order direct from the best growers in 5 countries:

Our 40+ growers united and selected as their main B2B fresh flower marketplace, making it the largest inventory and variety of fresh flowers for US Florists.
They share a message of unity and working together to keep our beautiful industry alive.  Check out the video on this page and who they are below. We’re very proud of them and hope you will support them in the same way we are. Without each other we cannot flourish.

AGI – Agrirose
AGR – Agrocoex
ALM – Alma Roses
CHA – Agricola El Chaupi
CVL – Grupo Florisol
DFL – Divine Flowers
DSF – Desire Farms
EBL – El Boliche
EMC – Magic Flowers
EQR – EQR Roses
FAC – Florecal
FDT – Flores de Tumbabiro
FLO – Grupo Florisol
FSI – Florsani
NEV – Nevado Roses
NTA – Nintanga
PDS – Proteas del Sol A.
SAN – Sande Callas
SAP – Sisapamba
SAS – Sachaflor
SBQ – Sande Bouquets
TAN – Turis Agro Nelpo
VAL – Valleflor

AFR – Afrodita 
ALE – Alexandra Farms
CCV – Colombia Verde
CRF – Carmel Flowers
FDC – Flores del Colon
FUN – Flores de Funza
RSM – Rosamina
ZNF – Zion Flowers

Costa Rica:
RTO – Rio Tapezco

Source fresh flowers from 40+ growers in 5 countries


• Costa Rica (Tue, Thu) • Ecuador (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu) • Colombia (Tue, Wed, Thu) •
Netherlands (Thu) • United States (Tue, Wed, Thu) See our 40+ premium growers »

Huge advantages for you 

Because you order from the growers directly:

  • your flowers ship directly to your doorstep, 5 days a week via FedEx – not via ‘Miami’ where flowers are stored in coolers for days
  • you can secure prices up to 6 months in advance
  • the minimum box order is just one box
  • boxes can be customized at farm level by the bunch on variety and length

Certifications of our growers

logos certifications of our gowers