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Fresh Flower Marketplace for

With a year-round availability of fresh flowers and pre-made bouquets, we support florists in expressing their creativity. Our online fresh flower marketplace saves time sourcing your flowers, leaving more time to spend on your creative endeavors, floral shop and customers.

Online marketplace for fresher flowers and bouquets

Spend more time on your shop and customers, instead of sourcing the best flowers

You'll love us

We promise.

Ever felt discouraged by the unavailability of flowers? Felt limited in expressing your creativity because of seasonable flowers that are no longer available? That’s where we come in! 

What if you could go crazy with your creativity, without any seasonal limitations and with highly fresh flowers? We got you covered! We’ll promise you fresher flowers that are delivered straight from our growers. We have 40 of them around the world, eliminating the seasonable limitations of sourcing from one continent!

All the flowers you need

iBuyFlowers partners with 40+ flower farms in Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, The Netherlands and in the US. You are able to buy flowers by the bunch in a customized box at farm level, or buy in bulk for your bigger occasions. Thanks to our growers, we can offer over 4,000 different flowers, hundreds of pre-made bouquets and a wide variety of greens. Want a custom order of bouquets for your floral shop? No problem, we’ll sort you out.

Our main goal? Providing florists with fresher flowers at lower costs.

Our promise to you

» Freshest flowers direct from growers
» Possibility of standing orders for regular orders
» Secure prices up to 6 months in advance
» Order by the bunch (no more surplus inventory)
» Efficient online ordering
» On doorstep delivery (5 days a week)
» Year-round availability of over 4,000 flowers
» 200+ pre-made bouquets available as well

Fresh flower marketplace for forists

Experience true convenience, shopping at our online marketplace that connects you directly to 40+ growers around the world. Because our flowers are shipped directly from the grower, you’ll take advantage of unmatched freshness. Even better; The minimum box order is just one box and boxes can be customized at farm level by the bunch on variety and length.

Standing orders for even more ease

We put in the work to make your job easier. Our online B2B Fresh Flower Marketplace is just example. How about having the possibility to set standing orders to make sourcing of fresh flowers even more efficient. By doing so, your standard supply of fresh flowers will be delivered on a regular basis. 

Efficient logistics and time-saving sourcing

Our online marketplace connects you to 40+ growers around the world, without having to leave your shop to visit (multiple) wholesalers. Our partnership with FedEx ensures timely delivery to all 50 States in the USA (including Hawaii and Alaska). 

Discover your potential supply of flowers

Use the form below to download our pricelist, enabling you to easily compare our prices with your current wholesaler.

Examples you'll love

038 Hel. Rostrata

Need some inspiration for your shop? As a flower wholesaler for florists, we have many examples of florals that are made with our flowers. Just ask and we’ll show you!

Some of our loved ones


Francois Garden Rose

Dr. Alexander Fleming

Rainbow Tinted Rose

Pom Pom Flower

Blue White Tinted Rose

Discover our marketplace

We’re proud of our marketplace that currently serves thousands of florists already. Check out our marketplace now and discover the 21st century version of sourcing flowers.