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Rose color shades & substitutes

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Rose color shades & Substitutes guides  

Did you know there are over 150 species in the genus and thousands of cultivated hybrids?

Roses can be found in almost any color and shade! And then we haven't even talked about all the different shapes they come in... They're here for every occasion imaginable.

The rose is the most popular flower in the world, with more than 200 countries using it as their national emblem. The colors of roses have many meanings and some people say that a single rose can represent everything from love to sadness.

No one can deny the beauty of a rose and it's almost impossible to pick just one type as our favorite because they come in so many different shapes and colors.


Roses are known to be one of the most iconic and versatile flowers.

But, which rose is best for you?

And which variety is best suitable as a substitution?

We've made an overview of some popular colors and shades along with their alternatives in that category.

Check out our selection of wholesale roses and find your perfect favorite!
This will make choosing your rose an easy task when you don't know where to start or if you're in need of a substitute!


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Blush roses

Tsumugi  Keira Bridal Piano
Charity Garden Spirit Secret Garden


Wit Grunge met Bloemen Muziek Festival Poster (1)


Roma Rosa La Perla Marzipan Rose
Sandy Pastella Bridal Akito



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Pink garden roses

Pink Antike Pink O'Hara Mayra's Rose
Maria Theresa Miranda Secret Garden




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Pink roses

Art Deco Climax Soulmate
Hotshot Topaz  




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Lavender roses

Mignon Tiara Queens Crown
Cool Water Moody Blues  




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Peach roses

Candle Light Beatrice Campanella
Phoenix Carpediem

Country Home

Kahala Juliet



Peach colored roses

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White garden roses

Patience David Austin Vitality Alabaster
White O'Hara David Austin Purity

Princess Miyuki


White garden roses shades and colors


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Red garden roses

Red Monster Red Hearts Wanted
Tess Carabella




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Brown to cream roses

Coffee Milk Cappuccino Golden mustard
Caramel Antike Sahara




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