Jun 22, 2022 1:16:00 PM by Emma Tulip

Shipment update for Ecuador


All you need to know as an iBuyFlowers customer

--- Updated on July 1st:

Ecuador shipments re-opened!

All inventories of 43 Ecuador growers are back.

iBuyFlowers is the first and fastest source to get fresh flowers from Ecuador.
Local wholesalers will have another week delay due to transportation and logistics from Ecuador. 

Support the Ecuadorian growers, they can't wait to ship to you again.
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--- Updated on June 22:

What's happening in Ecuador:

  • Growers have a hard time getting flowers to the airport: indigenous people are protesting across the country against Ecuador's government.

  • This situation is not directly related to the floral industry and is due to Ecuador's economic and environmental policies.

What to do now as an iBuyFlowers customer:

  • Please do not rush to cancel your box! Some growers can still deliver and inventory availability will be low throughout the floral industry supply chain.

  • Unfortunately, some boxes from Ecuador had to be canceled by iBuyFlowers. If this happens, you will get an immediate notification by email.

  • You can still purchase from US and Colombian growers.

As soon as the Ecuador situation is over:

  • iBuyFlowers will be the first and fastest source to get new fresh-cut flowers from Ecuador to your doorstep (while local wholesalers will have a 1 to 2 week delay due to transportation and logistics from Ecuador).

  • Ecuadorian growers can't wait to ship their fresh-cut flowers to you again!

The team of iBuyFlowers is monitoring this very closely. 
Thank you for being an iBuyFlowers customer.


----- A glimpse of the situation -----

Watch how trucks try to even use small roads to find a way to get flowers delivered to the coolers: 



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We have 43 active growers in Ecuador. We took off their live inventory of our website as long as Ecuador growers can't ship. As soon as they ship again, the inventory will be visible again.


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