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  • with iBuyFlowers you order your fresh cut flowers straight from 40+ growers, that are 3-10 days fresher than your local wholesalers (not stored in Miami or in any other warehouse).
  • During Valentines and Mother’s Day we double your weekly standing order for the same low price.
  • Get your free Standing Order quote within 24-72 hours
Step 1: List the flowers you would like a standing order price for:

Flower type

Stem length (cm)

# Stems requested

Your current price per stem (incl. delivery cost)

For a florist in Austin, TX:
100 Rose Tinted Rainbow 50 cm
A florist in Austin, TX
S.O. price local wholesale: $1.46/st
S.O. price iBuyFlowers: $1.42/st
A saving of $208 per year!

For a florist in St. Louis, MO:
100 Rose Assorted 50 cm
A florist in St. Louis, MO
S.O. price local wholesale: $0.90/st
S.O. price iBuyFlowers: $0.852/st
A saving of $249.60 per year!