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At iBuyFlowers, we keep our business model as green as the stems of your flowers! We are committed to driving lasting social and environmental change, and are very selective about the farms we work with. All of our growers operate in a sustainable, eco-friendly way, in compliance to the standards of several trade labels:


This sustainability certification program for cut flowers and potted plants indicates that your flowers have been produced in a manner that emphasizes cetrain values: healthy, safe and fair working conditions, protection of soil and water resources, responsible agrochemical use, energy efficiency, climate impact reduction, ecosystem protection and community engagement.


To be awarded this seal, farmers have to comply with strict criteria. Amongst these are an ecosystem conservation program, the protection of wild animals and waterways, the prohibition of discrimination in work and hiring practices, the prohibition of contracting children under the age of 15, the use of protective gear for workers, guidelines about agrochemical use and the prohibition of transgenic crops.


Fairtrade is a well-known seal that sets social, economic and environmental standards for both companies, farmers and workers in a variety of industries. For our flower farmers the standards include protection of workers’ rights, sustainable prices and wages, safe working conditions, biodiversity and sustainable production.


One of our core values is to make sure that our operating processes prompt a fair distribution of money. By eliminating a major part of the intermediaries in the current floral supply chain, we ensure extra benefits for the main parties involved, as there are no longer any unnecessary margins charged by importers and wholesalers. Our goal is to increase the profits of floral retailers and growers. Collaborating with certified growers helps us address important social issues affecting labor and working conditions. This partnership guarantees humane treatment of workforce, good health care, schooling and proper food.


Wholesale flowers are stored for several days in coolers around the country before being shipped to the client; a practice that is energy-consuming, to say the least. Moreover, cut flowers are perishable products; 20% of deliveries ends up as waste in the current value chain. In the current system, cut flowers endure a long journey of approximately 7 to 12 days; getting cut, packaged, shipped and received in store or at an event. Repetitive repacking and refrigeration result in substantial flower waste. Due to the efficient logistical chain at iBuyFlowers, we create far less flower waste than traditional wholesalers. Additionally, our ordering process allows for ordering by the bunch, rather than by the box, which ensures that all the flowers that have been cut will actually be used.


Having a positive impact on the environment is a key priority at iBuyFlowers, which we achieve by increasing the efficiency of logistics. This results in fewer shipping movements of the flowers. Less refrigerator trucks are en route to bring flowers from one cooling facility to another, and less energy is used to keep the flowers fresh in transit and in storage, thereby significantly reducing the CO₂ footprint of the flowers you receive.

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