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Oregon Coastal Flowers from America

Oregon Flowers Inc assures consistent production, reliable service, and quality cut “Flowers grown with a Dutch touch.”

In 1985, Dutch-born Martin and Helene Meskers settled in Aurora, Oregon to begin their American Dream of growing cut flowers. The decision to stay in small town Aurora was made because of the excellent soil quality and favorable climate of the Willamette Valley. Today, Oregon Flowers Inc. is a family run operation which produces cut flowers year-round for the American and Canadian market. Using state of the art facilities and only top quality bulbs produced in both the northern and southern hemispheres, Oregon Flowers Inc. is proud to guarantee quality, consistency, and reliability in every stem.

Oregon Flowers Inc. plant only new bulbs, imported directly from both the northern and southern hemispheres. This enables us to produce cut flowers year-round. Each bulb is carefully inspected to ensure premium quality and only the best are planted. Each bulb is used only once in order to produce the best possible flower; therefore, the bulbs are discarded, composted, and never re-used. This ensures strong quality flowers with a consistency that can be relied on.

Top of the line equipment is imported from The Netherlands, and state of the art forcing rooms, rooting rooms, and climate controlled greenhouses are used to guarantee fresh cut flowers year-round. In addition to our greenhouse production, Oregon Flowers Inc. offers seasonal, soil grown tulips and calla lilies, plus a variety of field cut flowers and berries.

Mix & Match

  • (Calla) Lillies
  • Novelty Tulips
  • Single Tulips
  • Parrot Tulips


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