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            Ecuador & Colombia

            The worlds best Roses, Garden Roses, Spray Roses, Ranuncules, and many more.

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            United States

            Local US farms producing eucalyptus, ferns, woody branches, garlands, peonies and summer flowers. 


            Novelties like Tulips.

            They take care of their land, their crops and their people.


            How 'farm-direct' works:

            You order directly farm-fresh wholesale flowers from 100+ farms:

            1. Order 24/7 on iBuyFlowers.com
            2. The farms cut - pack - and ship directly to you.
            3. Receive extremely fresh quality flowers up to 10 days fresher than at a local wholesaler (where flowers get stuck in Miami coolers, trucks and wholesale houses).  


            ACF - Agricaflowers
            AGA – Agrogana
            AGI – Agrirose
            ALM – Natuflor
            AGN – Agrinag
            ATT - Attar Roses
            BEL - Bellarosa
            BTF - Betty Torres
            CHA – Agricola El Chaupi
            DSF – Desire Flowers
            DMF - Damagro
            EAO – Ecoagro Farms
            ECO - Eco Roses
            EMC – Magic Flowers
            EQR – EC Quality Roses
            FDS – Flores Dreams
            FDT – Flores de Tumbabiro
            FEQ – Florequisa
            FSI – Florsani
            HVE - Hoja Verde

            ICF - Incagrow
            INF - Infintity
            MSF - Mystic Flowers
            MGF - Megaflor
            NAE - Natura Eterna
            NEV – Nevado Roses
            NFL - Neumann Flowers
            NTF - Natuflor
            PDS – Proteas del Sol A.
            PTA - Ponte Tresa
            QUA1 - Qualisa Roses
            QUA2 - Qualisa
            RCS - Rose Success
            RSX - Rosadex
            SAP – Sisapamba
            SPL – Splendid
            SVF - SkyValley Flowers
            TGA - Tangara Roses
            VAL – Valleflor
            VGC - Victoria Gardens


            AFR – Afrodita
            AGF - Agro Fresh
            ALE – Alexandra Farms
            CCV – Colombia Verde
            CDN - Cultivos del Norte
            CGG - Green Genie
            CPO - Capiro
            ETZ - ETZ Kainos
            EFG - Elite Flower Group
            FCO - Fillco Flowers
            FDC - Flores Colon
            FGB - Flores Gambur
            FLC - La campina
            GTF - La Gaitana
            LPA - La Plazoleta
            MCG – Montecarlo G.
            PFS - Prada Flowers
            RSM – Rosamina
            SKF - Suki Flowers
            VSC - Valley Spring

            United States:

            AGG - Arango Greens (CA)
            BNF – Bill Newbold Ferns (FL)
            BNT – Wayne Bennett Fern (FL)
            CDP - C&D Peonies (AK)
            CFG - Continental greens (FL, CA, OR)
            CMF - Camflor (CA)
            DRP – Diamond Peonies (AK)
            DRP - Diamond Ridge (AK)
            EQM – EQR Miami (FL)
            FCF - FCF Miami (FL)
            GBF - Greenbrook (LA)
            GVF – Green Valley Floral (CA)
            KDF - Kendall Farms (CA)
            MAC - Mellano (CA)
            NOI – National Orchids (FL)
            OJG – O & J Growers (CA)
            PAS - Patagonia Sunflower (FL)
            RFG - Royal Flower Group (FL)
            SOC – Smithers Oasis (OH)
            SPP - Splendor Proteas (FL)
            SBF - Seaberry Farms (MD)
            SFC (PA)
            SLF - Shaw Lake Farms (FL)
            SPM - Styers Peonies (MD) 
            SSX - Southern Smilax (MS)
            SVG - Sun Valley (CA)
            VYN (NC)

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            Hand picked premium farms

            Our expert growers are dedicated to providing the highest quality flowers that they ship directly to your doorstep. 

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            Who is iBuyFlowers? -

            iBuyFlowers was founded in 2016 to serve all US Florists and Wedding & Event planners. iBuyFlowers cut’s out the middle man (importers and wholesalers), and delivers fresh cut flowers directly from the farm to your doorstep, up to 10 days fresher than at a local wholesaler.

            Can I buy from iBuyFlowers? +

            All US businesses with a resale number can buy at iBuyflowers. Simply signup (free account), shop the flowers you need and pay with your credit card. We only make a reservation on your credit card. We will charge your credit card normally 1 day prior packing unless there is an exception (e.g. depending on the grower of certain products like tinted products or bouquets we charge 2-5 days prior packing).

            Is it true farm-direct? +

            iBuyFlowers started the company to cut out the middleman (importers and wholesalers), and delivers fresh cut flowers directly from the farm to your doorstep, up to 10 days fresher than at a local wholesaler. We also give the option to buy from the Miami importers inventory as an extra service for last moment orders. 

            Can I request a claim? +

            If a product comes in bad shape or if an order doesn’t arrive, you can file a claim within 48 hours after delivery. You can do that from your Account and select Request claim. For us, to file the claim at the grower we need multiple pictures of the stems and box labels. Once we receive your claim, we will check all details and normally within 24-72 hours we will finalize your claim. If the claim is accepted, you will be refunded on the credit card this order was paid with. If you claim 12 stems of out the 25 of flowers, we need to see the 12 stems with the issue. Not only 3 or 4 stems. In that case, only the stems visible with issues will be refunded.

            Why IBF

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            Simple online orders

             Shop for flowers from anywhere, at any time. Our digital platform makes it quick and easy to order the perfect assortments for your business. And, if you need a little extra help, our team is just a phone call away.
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            A wide range to choose from

            Whether you’re a wedding planner looking for the bride’s favorite bloom, or a florist shopping for seasonal showstoppers, you’ll have access to thousands of fresh flowers from farms across the globe.
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            The freshest flowers

             Our flowers are shipped directly from farms. So, they arrive fresh and they stay that way for longer. When you get a delivery from us, the flowers are up to 10 days fresher than the ones from a traditional wholesaler.
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            Fairtrade for farmers

            We see farms as our trusted partners, so we’re proud to showcase their hard work. When you order from us, you know exactly where your flowers come from. And you can rest assured that we’re committed to keeping the prices fair.

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