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Our 50+ flower growers are carefully selected by iBuyFlowers and use us as their main B2B fresh flowers marketplace. This makes us the largest online inventory of fresh flowers for US flower professionals! 

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  • Flowers are shipped directly to your doorstep, 5 days a week via FedEx
  • Your order doesn't travel via ‘Miami’ where flowers are stored in coolers for days
  • You can secure prices up to 6 months in advance
  • Minimum order size is just one box
  • Boxes can be customized at farm level by the bunch on variety and length

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We work with growers from Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, the United States and The Netherlands. Click on the links below to learn more about them!

AGA – Agrogana
AGI – Agrirose
ALM – Alma Roses
AGN – Agrinag
BTL - Betal Flowers
CHA – Agricola El Chaupi
CVL – Grupo Florisol
DSF – Desire Farms
EAO – Ecoagro Farms
ECG - Ecuagardens
ECO - Eco Roses
EMC – Magic Flowers
EQB - EcuaBouquet
EQR – EQR Roses
FCG - Florecot
FCT - Florecot
FDS – Flores Dreams
FDT – Flores de Tumbabiro

FEQ – Florequisa
FSI – Florsani
INF - Optimum Fl.
MSF - Mystic Flowers
NAE - Natura Eterna
NEV – Nevado Roses
NLF - Neumann Flowers
NTF - Natuflor
PDS – Proteas del Sol A.
PTA - Ponte Tresa
RCS - Rose Success
RDE – Roses del Ecuador
RSX - Rosadex
SAP – Sisapamba
SPL – Splendid
SVF - SkyValley Flowers
TGA - Tangara Roses
VAL – Valleflor
VGC - Victoria Gardens

AFR – Afrodita 
ALE – Alexandra Farms
CCV – Colombia Verde
CIR - BellaFlowers
CRF – Carmel Flowers
FDC – Flores del Colon
MCG – Montecarlo G.
RSM – Rosamina

Costa Rica:
RTO – Rio Tapezco






United States:
AGG - Arango Greens (CA)
BNF – Bill Newbold Ferns (FL)
BNT – Wayne Bennett Fern (FL)
CFG - Continental greens (OR)

DRP – Diamond Peonies (AK)
EQM – EQR Miami (FL)
FCF - Fresca Farms *

GVF – Green Valley Floral (CA)
NOI – National Orchids (FL)
OJG – O & J Growers (CA)
SOC – Smithers Oasis (OH)
SPP - Splendor Proteas (FL)

VDK – Hilverda



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Let's change the flower sector for the better

Wherever we go, flowers connect us to the natural world. Let's preserve it! As flower professionals, we have the power to change our sector for the better. We do our part by making sure all of our growers are certified. Click on the icons to learn more!


Grower's Story

The fairytale of Alexandra Farms- the world's best garden rose grower

Every grower has a method, style and vision of their own, resulting in a wide variety of flowers, quantity and clientele. What flower growers do have in common, is that they all have an interesting story to tell. Take Alexandra Farms, for example. Passionate as they are about garden roses, they go above and beyond to grow the highest quality money can get you. 

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