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Our customers' excitement is just as important to us as their satisfaction with our products and we love hearing about how happy our flowers make people feel - especially when we get videos showing off those feelings with a first-person perspective!


Averi K Designs ordered some beautiful roses from our grower Nevado Roses and we were so excited to see them delivered! See for yourself how your farm-fresh roses will arrive when you place your wholesale flower order on our e-wholesale platform! 



I have been using iBuyFlowers , and am very pleased with the quality of the flowers and the shipping! Even my customers have noticed the quality and are amazed and coming back for more! As am I! iBuyFlowers has kept my business blomming despite the Covid-19 pandemic, and my small business is thriving due to their efforts! The team is very acessible and attentive and knowledgeable! I appreciate their passion for what they do!

LaToya Rodriguez Rose Soiree Floral bar

LaToya Rodriguez
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The iBuyFlowers team is in it for the long run.

Our customers mean the world to us, and if they're happy, then so are we. This is why we provide more than farm-fresh flowers alone.
We provide convenience, speed, support and most important of all: choice. After all, you have a business to run!

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