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  • positive review I needed peonies in a pinch and Joseph delivered! This was my first purchase and the experience was great- better than some local wholesalers- and my Alaskan peonies came in awesome shape, on time, and saved me for my last minute arrangement. Online buying process was easy for me too. -JP Floristry

    Jessica Pata Avatar
    Jessica Pata

    positive review I highly reccomend Ibuyflowers!!! Their flowers came in perfectly boxed and the flowers were high qaulity!! However, the BEST part was dealing with Joe!!! he is the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best Customer Service will keep my business!! Thanks Joe!!!!

    Bernadette Vasquez Avatar
    Bernadette Vasquez

    positive review I placed my first order last week and received my first order today. My rep, Joseph, went above and beyond making sure that everything was taken care of. Very satisfied. Will order again

    Nicole Smith Frazier Avatar
    Nicole Smith Frazier

    positive review I have been buying from iBuyFlower for about the last month. My sales rep, Joseph, is always super helpful and the flowers have been amazing. They are packaged well and arrive in a super timely manner. This week, due to the trouble in Ecuador, I got my flowers a day late. I was worried but for no reason. They arrived in perfect shape ready to be created with for my Saturday wedding clients. I am so thankful I stumbled upon them and took a chance. 🥰

    Morgan Daily Jackson Avatar
    Morgan Daily Jackson
  • positive review Beautiful flowers and they are helpful. I will order again from them!

    Maria Crumley Schendzelos Avatar
    Maria Crumley Schendzelos

    positive review I highly recommend IBF. Carol was very easy to work with and she made sure I received my order right on time for my event setup in December. The blooms were lush and my arrangements came out beautiful!! Overall my client was extremely excited! I will definitely order again.

    Victoria Iyanuoluwa Avatar
    Victoria Iyanuoluwa

    I have gotten my first order in last week. I can't believe the quality of the flowers! Amazing. I had some garden roses sitting out of the cooler from when they arrived and today they still felt very firm and looked beautiful. This is the way the floral industry should be and this is what our shop needs to survive BEAUTIFUL FRESH FLOWERS. Thank you, looking forward to the future with you all.

    Cody Fountain Avatar
    Cody Fountain

    positive review Iam so happy I was told about IBuy Flowers, with a short notice I received my flowers right on time. I will be using iBuy Flowers for my event Thank you !!

    Demittajo Govan Avatar
    Demittajo Govan
  • positive review So very pleased with the quality and accuracy of my first order! Everything was perfect!

    Dore Huss Avatar
    Dore Huss

    positive review Bought from iBuy for the first time a few weeks ago, and was very pleased with the freshness of the product! Had no issue with delivery, and the flowers lasted beautifully through the week.

    Hannah Christine Lowery Avatar
    Hannah Christine Lowery

    positive review I have been an iBuyflowers customer for 2 years and haven't been disappointed not Once. My Rep. Joseph is the best... he's always a call away when I need him!

    Dee Studivant-Dixon Avatar
    Dee Studivant-Dixon

    positive review I places a small order for Valentine's Day. There was a shipping delay & the iBuy customer service team quickly located my shipment & updated me within the hour. They also called to check on the quality after I received the shipment. Thanks for taking care of me!

    Althea Wiles Avatar
    Althea Wiles
  • positive review This was my first time buying from I am really impressed my flowers arrived in perfect My rep Carol called shortly after the flowers were delivered to see if all was good. I had a great conversation with Carol and she answered all questions I had about future orders. I would highly recommend

    Mary Beth Danner Avatar
    Mary Beth Danner

    positive review I’ve been buying flowers from I buy flowers for years. I love them. I highly recommend trying them. Free delivery The customer service is excellent.

    Karen Cabral Devoe Avatar
    Karen Cabral Devoe

    positive review I'm an event florist with a focus on weddings and started using this year. I have been so impressed with the quality and price of the blooms!

    Lauren Stewart Garza Avatar
    Lauren Stewart Garza

    All the time when I was ordering, I received the most freshly and beautiful roses!I highly recommend IBuyFlowers, because they have a great staff and amazing customer service, all time friendly and ready to answer all your questions and all inquiries!

    Sophiettie Avatar
  • positive review I received my first shipment of roses today. I was very happy with the quality. The sales rep. Joesph has done a great job with follow up and helping me get set up with delivery service. It was so nice not to have to drive miles to the wholesaler.

    Stacy Shofner Park Avatar
    Stacy Shofner Park

    positive review So happy with all the product I've received from ibuyflowers, especially their ranunculus. I recently tried their sampler box of roses and they opened beautifully! I highly recommend Tiffany, she was awesome to work with... she went above & beyond to get me specific flowers for an event and and she even called to make sure everything works out! Thank you so much Tiffany!

    Eileen Ferrari Avatar
    Eileen Ferrari

    positive review Excellent customer service through my guy, Joseph!The silver dollar eucalyptus I received today was the prettiest I’ve ever seen. Stems were from a farm source, SAS in Columbia. All I needed to do was a fresh cut of each perfectly prepped stem, and they were ready to go. Every leaf PERFECT!

    Janet Jefferson Iwankovitsch Avatar
    Janet Jefferson Iwankovitsch

    positive review We've been a customer for a year and we love their quality, customer service, and pricing!

    Jessica Hair Avatar
    Jessica Hair
  • positive review I made my first purchase last week. Small problem with my order that my representative went above and beyond to fix. Very pleased with the beautiful flowers that arrived at my doorstep. Unbeatable customer service... that’s what will keep us coming back!

    Taylor Wise Mock Avatar
    Taylor Wise Mock

    positive review If you aren't buying from Ibuyflowers, you definitely should be. Their team does an amazing job! Joseph is my rep. he graciously helps me out whenever I am in a pinch. Whenever something happens with shipping (not their fault) he is always on top of it. Calling and giving me updates as we go along. They go out of their way to help out and have an amazing team. They have the best prices, best quality and if something does go wrong with shipping or the farm sends the wrong thing. They jump into overdrive to get us the correct product the next day. They are truly amazing and it makes ordering large scale orders very easy. Thanks, Joseph and the IBuyFlower Team!

    Jennifer Bogle Avatar
    Jennifer Bogle

    positive review I love the fact I can order online, know what I'm getting, the cost, the availability, color, number of flowers and these flowers do not go through a middle man so are so fresh! The quality is excellent. This company is on its way to even more success. I don't know any other online source as good as this. If you do, tell me!

    Melinda Roeleveld Avatar
    Melinda Roeleveld

    positive review I have been buying from since last fall and have been very happy with the service and especially the great prices and quality of flowers.

    Shelly Johnson Avatar
    Shelly Johnson
  • positive review Quality is good. Shipping is good. I especially love that Joseph kept me informed about when my flowers shipped and the tracking information. The follow up calls speak volumes about their customer service, as well! I will definitely be ordering again and again. 😁

    Nicole Jenkins Avatar
    Nicole Jenkins

    positive review Just received my shipment of beautiful garden roses and they are so fresh! I’m sure they will last a long time and make plenty of people happy receiving them! Thanks Joseph for all of your help! I will be using you in the future for many special events!

    Amy Peek Avatar
    Amy Peek

    positive review Joseph is just the nicest person to work with and everything I have gotten from iBuyFlowers has been amazing!

    Carie Youngers Avatar
    Carie Youngers

    positive review Just received my shipment of toffee roses and they are beautiful! A huge thank you to Joseph for taking care of my order, and for the amazing customer service. Can’t wait to place my next order!

    Maddie Harper Avatar
    Maddie Harper
  • positive review I buy flowers are fresh from the farm direct to your door. Longer lifespan. You can pick what you want from thousands of flowers, greens, fillers, etc. The customer service is amazing, going above and beyond. They love happy customers as much as we do. Check them out today!!!

    Tisha Tucker-Macormac Avatar
    Tisha Tucker-Macormac