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Wedding flowers year-round available

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Weddings and flowers; a perfect marriage


A wedding planners’ love affair with flowers

No wedding, big or small, is complete without flowers. Florals have been used as part of marriage ceremonies for centuries. Wedding flowers play an important part in the look of every couple’s big day and will set the tone and theme. Therefore, it’s no wonder that a huge portion of a wedding’s budget is spent on flowers (bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres and decorative blooms).

If you’re a wedding planner, all of the above is no news for you. Brides and grooms to be hire you to avoid the stress of having to arrange everything for their big day themselves. This includes having to think about suppliers for their wedding flowers. 
They Trust you to take care of this, and take care of it well.

Your relationship with your clients will blossom if you offer them the freshest and most vibrant florals to make their wedding extra special!



Knowing wich flowers have been popular over the past hundred years is important in your wedding planning career – you’ll ben able to understand the evolution of trends, and to make the best suggestions to your clients regarding florals for their event. Every wedding and each couple is different. One bride will go crazy for an archway made with peonies, another dreams of walking down an aisle lavished with carnations. You want to give your clients exactly what they want. This means being able to offer them a broad of selection. However, some suppliers don’t offer all types of flowers during the year and wholesale flowers come with seasonal limitations. 

iBuyFlowers partners with flower farms in Ecuador, Columbia, Thailand, The Netherlands and the US. Being located on mountain slopes, they possess the geographic advantage of having sunshine all year round. This ensures a constant supply of high-quality flowers, even in wintertime. A dreamy December wedding in the snow with roses? We’ve got you covered!

Order flowers by the bunch

When you buy flowers in bulk through a wholesaler or importer, you are typically limited to ordering by the box rather than by the bunch. Our online platform allows you to order directly – by the bunch – from selected certified growers around the world. Select the exact quantity you need for your client; no more surplus inventory. We put in the work to make your job easier. 

Effortless order process

The ease of ordering all your flowers through one uncomplicated online tool frees up your time to engage with your clients and get back to your core business: providing wonderful florals for your customers! iBuyFlowers provides floral retailers with a state-of-the-art tool, developed using the latest technology, which operates in the cloud.