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Florist can buy bulk or by the bunch

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Knowing which flowers have been popular over the past hundred years is important to run your floral shop – you’ll be able to understand the evolution of trends, and to make the best suggestions to your clients –  as well for special occasions like weddings, events and baby showers. One bride will go crazy for an archway made with peonies, another dreams of walking down an aisle lavished with carnations. You want to give your clients exactly what they want. This means being able to offer them a broad selection. The traditional (old) value chain (grower –> importer –> wholesaler –> florist) is storing flowers in many places (Miami coolers, wholesale coolers) and you have no idea how long your flowers are on the road and/or stored. Did you know that the average run time from flowers from Latin America with the old value chain is for example 7-10 days? We can reduce this to a minimum of 72 hours from Latin America so you will receive finally real fresh, not stored, flowers!

iBuyFlowers partners with 40+ flower farms in Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, The Netherlands and in the US. You are able to buy flowers by the bunch in a customized box at farm level, or buy in bulk for your bigger occasions.  A dreamy December wedding in the snow with roses? We’ve got you covered


Why order flowers online at iBuyFlowers?


iBuyFlowers has two main objectives:

  • to increase revenues of florist retailers by shipping fresher flowers at lower prices
  • to achieve higher end customer satisfaction for floral retailers

These core values ensure that your relationship with your clients blooms!


Order Flowers by the bunch

If you want to order your flowers by the bunch, wholesalers tend to levy an additional charge. iBuyFlowers understands that having to order full boxes means that you end up with too much product for your shop. Therefore, we allow ordering in small quantities. You can order exactly what you need, without creating waste.

Efficient logistics

The main bonus of purchasing your inventory from iBuyFlowers is our streamlined logistic supply chain. iBuyFlowers sells directly from the farmer to the florists, bypassing importers and wholesalers. your product is not stored at any coolers anymore. Therefore, this process results in a very short processing time. All flowers are cut and delivered within 24-72 hours. An added benefit is that our efficient process reduces the carbon footprint of your flowers.

Fresh flowers, every time

When using wholesalers as a supplier, your flowers spend multiple days in storage, reducing their freshness. As your flowers are not stored by intermediaries, you generally receive them 2 to 4 days after harvest. This allows us to ensure premium quality of your flowers. Because they ‘travel’ less, your floral shop will always be full of fresh and colorful flowers! Also, iBuyFlowers partners with farms in Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, The Netherlands and the United States, which means access to a great variety of flowers during every season of the year.


The ease of ordering all your flowers through one uncomplicated online tool frees up your time to engage with your clients and get back to your core business: providing wonderful florals for your customers! iBuyFlowers provides floral retailers with a state-of-the-art tool, developed using the latest technology, which operates in the cloud.

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