Flowers for any Fundraising Event

Fundraising is extremely rewarding but it can also be stressful to organize every aspect of it. At iBuyFlowers we try to take away that stress by helping you select the flowers that will help your fundraising event in the possible way. That means you can sort through a range of flowers that works with your budget.

Another major advantage with iBuyFlowers is that we ship directly with FedEx. All flowers arrive at your destination within 24-72 hours. All you need is a bucket or vase; some water, a knife or a pair of scissors and you are ready to display farm fresh fragrant flowers for your fundraiser. All our bouquets come with a sleeve and flower food. Fundraising couldn’t be any easier!


Fundraising Bouquets and Flowers That Will Rock Your Event

We have many different bouquets. A favorite is our Mini! It is a small bouquet that we also provide with a small flower holder. Which means you only need some water and you are set! Look at our favorite fundraising flower bouquets. We have some rose bouquets, some seasonal bouquets, but more importantly we know one size doesn’t fit all.


Should you need a specific bouquet of some sort, whether it is price or color or a specific rose. Don’t hesitate to call us at 1-844-428-9100.

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