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Will visit Quito farm 2018 iBuyFlowers

The best flowers are grown by nature.

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Our first post is about how it all started. Everyone has a story. Ours story starts with Will……

iBuyFlowers – How it all began.

The story of iBuyFlowers begins more than 75 years ago in Holland, the flower capital of the world. A young man name Jan working in the harbor of Amsterdam just doing his job. He knew nothing about flowers nor had really an interest in flowers. But in his 50’s he had to rethink what to do. The hard labor at the harbor had taken its toll and Jan needed to stop working. But he was not a man to retire early. He wanted to get involved in his community and started to design flower pieces for his local church. His flower arrangements became so popular that he quickly expanded to other occasions and events.

In the meantime, his son, Nic started a farm around 40 miles North of Aalsmeer, Holland. Like most Dutch farmers, his focus was to grow mainly vegetables like cucumber and potatoes. But slowly he moved more into flower crops like gladiolus, tulips and lilies. Later in the early 90’s he started to specialize in the lilium culture. First with Asiatic and Oriental hybrid lilies and later on 100% focus on Oriental hybrid lilies. His passion for tulips and lilies grew into a family business. He built a business for 50 years.

Will had always been around the flower business but really took over at the age 25. Young and ambitious, Will started his own company into the next generation – the internet generation.

So who is Will? He is a man that has been around flowers his whole life. He has worked with flower growers, importers, wholesalers, owned a farm in Ecuador, was the first entrepreneur that sold flower bulbs online, and last but not least started iBuyFlowers. Because Will has been within the industry for so long he knew all the pain points because he felt them himself. “I believe that everything is possible, and you should never give up”, explains Will. And that it why he decided to build an online flower shop like no other. iBuyFlowers is the perfect marriage between technology and flowers.

Fast forward to today, iBuyFlowers is now an online B2B flower shop. It has all the bells and whistles that everyone has been searching for. Easy ordering, fresher and longer lasting flowers, advanced pricing, and most importantly front door delivery. The journey is far from over, it has just started. Will has a lot more in store for iBuyFlowers. 2019 will be an exiting year with lots of new things coming. “There is no business like the flower business. And I love it!” says Will.


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