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‘Beauty’ Tips for Your Flowers

You just received your box of flowers and we know what you’re thinking: if only there was a secret formula to make them last forever! You probably have already read and debunked all the myths about wilting flowers. We have put together some beauty tips to make sure your flowers stay gorgeous for as long as possible.



Acupuncture for Tulips

Have you ever heard of “Tulipmania”? They say the Dutch became the richest nation in the world at one point because of tulip trade and we can totally understand why! Tulips come in an infinite array of colors and the way they delicately bloom is why everyone wants to have a little piece of heaven in their home, specially during spring time. Unfortunately, tulips tend to droop more quickly over time than other flowers. A great way to prevent this from happening is to give your bulbs some acupuncture.

When the tulip is cut and placed in water, air bubbles travel up the stem and therefore block the path for water to reach the rest of the flower. This is why they tend to droop even after a short amount of time. To prevent this from happening, we suggest making a hole with a needle right under the bulb so that it relieves the blockage and allows the air bubbles to escape and therefore allowing the flower to be fully hydrated.

Flower Plastic Surgery

The secret behind extending your flower’s life lies in proper care. The first thing you have to take into account is cutting the stems. First, remember to use sterilized tools, preferably sharp ones. Dull tools can harm the stem and prevent proper water intake. When cutting the stem, it is important to do it at a 45 degree angle. This allows more surface area on the stem to absorb water and keep the flower fresh. A diagonal cut also helps reduce the impact of bacteria, as they have less chance of “closing the wound” which stops water absorption. 

Botox for Flowers

Our promise to you as a customer is that our flowers are always fresh. This means that if you have an event on Saturday, it is best to order your flowers some days in advance so that they have time to open up and look their best on the special day. Sometimes you don’t have enough time and you still want them looking gorgeous on the day of your event or for a special client. To give them a quick fix, take off the guard petals, which are the outside layer, and gently blow on the flower. This will get the flower to open up slightly. This works great for roses and also for hydrangeas.


Have you tried these at home? Got any more tips for us? We would love to hear from you! Let us know what you think!



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