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Who was David Austin?

How a hybrid garden rose became one of the world’s favorite flower.

Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away or as we all known today, England, lived a man, name David Austin. We felt that the introduction to the David Austin story needed a fairy tale introduction because the story is a bit of a rose fairy tale.


David Austin was born in the village Albrighton in England in 1926. David was a very passionate rose breeder and pursued his passion until his death in 2018. So, what is the story about the David Austin rose? David Austin loved his rose garden and his lovely roses. He looked after them all year and waited for them to bloom once in the summer. These roses were very fragrant and boasting in the English gardens which was a sign of the changing of seasons. But with the arrival of new roses from China, these old garden roses became a thing of the past. The new roses promised a longer bloom time and a wide variety of colors which has very desirable.


While some might see the new roses as a fear, David Austin embraced it and seized the opportunity. David Austin began his journey of cross pollinating the best characteristics of both breeds of roses to create his very own variety named after him. In 1961, he introduced the first outcome of this “Frankensteined” rose and named it Constance Spray. This rose is a mix between various flowers, with light pink outer petals and darker pink petals within. Although this new creation only bloomed once, the rose became very popular on the market and David Austin was motivated to continue to create new varieties.


In his lifetime, David Austin and his staff offered the world a total of 230 varieties. Although he passed away in 2018, his son and grandson continue his legacy. To see these creations up close and in their place of origin, you can visit his gardens in his hometown of Albrighton in England.


The quest for finding the most beautiful rose continues as humans and mother nature play together to create new flowers. What is your favorite rose?

Photos from our farm: ALE-DA.
Be sure to check out our beautiful David Austin roses. Just filter on farm ‘ALE-DA’


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