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Floral inspiration moodboards

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Moodboards floral inspiration


We love mood boards! It's sometimes such a tough choice to choose the right flower for your bouquet or arrangement or how to combine all the different flower types and variations possibilities. With over 10,000 types of flowers in existence and a new one being discovered every week, we completely understand the struggle. We, too, can get overwhelmed with all the possible choices and combinations. The growers on provide more than 4000 varieties and hundreds of colors, so let's find your creative spark. It's time to let it shine and flourish!

Nothing better than getting some inspiration from different types of mood boards to get your hands dirty. Whether it's the smaller details like table arrangements or something as big as a complete outdoor wedding reception, we've got you covered!
You can find inspiration everywhere around you, and from blossoms to tulips, there is so much variety and color out there to discover!


1. Bright yellow summer 2021

Summer yellow - moodboard


2. Soft pastel colors mood board

soft pastel colors moodboard


3. Pink miracle romance event theme

Wedding inspiration moodboard pink theme



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4. Dried flowers theme

wedding inspiration moodboard drief flowers


5. Pure white wedding flowers 

pure white -Mood boards



6. Bright yellow Mother's Day color edition

bright yellow moodboard mothers day


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7. White and peach wedding colors

white - peach wedding colors


8. Soft winter 2020

Pastel Fashion Photo Grid Mood Board Photo Collage (4)


And an accompanying color palette:Color pallettes


9. Early Christmas mood board 2020

Pastel Fashion Photo Grid Mood Board Photo Collage (3)


And an accompanying color palette:

Ontwerp zonder titel (35)


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