Mar 24, 2021 4:30:18 AM by Will de Wit

Flower industry update Spring 2021

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We've received many questions about what's happening on and around the flower industry that drives the current flower prices at the wholesale level up. 

Valentine's Day is behind us and we are headed into two more big holidays in the next 6 weeks; Easter and Mother’s Day.

This leaves all of us with a challenge; how do we keep up with the demand?

1. COVID-19

The Floral industry is booming in terms of demand for flowers due to everyone being at home and wanting to connect, but demand is much higher than the current supply.


2. Weather

Many growers in South America are experiencing very poor weather for growing flowers.  Also, in North America, there has not been enough sunlight for local growers to keep up with demand. 


3. European Mother’s Day 

As we are still several weeks from the USA & Canada’s Mother’s Day, Europe’s has just passed (March 8th), which has made product availability in South America very scarce. 


What can you do? 

Buy early & pre-book! The best thing to do for you as a florist or floral professional is to order your flowers way ahead of time.

This way you are more likely to get some of the products you’d like and you will have a much bigger assortment to choose from.  



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Although there might be shortages of some products, we will have more of others. If you had a specific plan for a bouquet with a certain flower and might not be able to get it you can purchase flowers of the same color or style to substitute.

We have excellent substitute options in our online wholesale farm-fresh flower marketplace! 


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