iBuyFlowers & Agrinag : Supporting Wildlife Conservation

            iBuyFlowers & Agrinag : Supporting Wildlife Conservation

            iBuyFlowers: Supporting Wildlife Conservation One Bloom at a Time

            In the heart of the vibrant flower industry, at Agrinag, they're committed to far more than just providing stunning flowers for your floral arrangements. We're dedicated to sustainability, community empowerment, and wildlife conservation. We believe that every bouquet should come with a story and a purpose - a story of ethical sourcing, and a purpose that stretches beyond aesthetics.

            logo of paws n' rosesA prime example of this commitment can be seen in our partnership with a unique flower farm nestled in the verdant landscapes of Ecuador. This farm not only yields vibrant roses but also houses a heartwarming sanctuary for rescued wildlife.

            A Haven for Rescued Wildlife

            On this wonderful farm, blooming flowers share the limelight with the rescued wild animals that find their refuge here. The farm's initiative, known as the Animal Rescue Center and Paws n' roses is a place of solace for animals who have been victims of trafficking or have lost their habitats. 

            A wide range of wildlife call this sanctuary home. This includes macaws, peacocks, monkeys and more   The care these animals receive is unparalleled; they are given everything they need, from professional veterinary care to tailored diets and enrichment activities that keep them mentally and physically stimulated. The farm's overarching aim is to provide these animals with a habitat that is as close to their natural environment as possible, ensuring their overall well-being and happiness.

            Your Purchase Makes a Difference

            When you purchase floral products from this farm (AGN) through the iBuyFlowers platform, you're supporting more than just a farm and its rose production. You're also lending a helping hand to the invaluable work this farm does to protect, rescue, and rehabilitate wildlife.

            Your support assists in providing the necessary resources for the rescue center. It helps in maintaining and expanding the enclosures, covering veterinary expenses, and providing nutritional diets to these animals. It contributes to their ongoing rehabilitation and ensures they have a comfortable, safe, and nurturing environment to live in.

            iBuyFlowers - Advocating for Sustainability and Wildlife Conservation

            By choosing iBuyFlowers' platform, you're opting for more than just top-quality farm-fresh flowers. You're participating in a mission to promote sustainable farming, community development, and wildlife conservation. Each purchase helps support the well-being of these rescued wildlife and contributes to the fight against animal trafficking.

            Join us at iBuyFlowers and make a difference in our world, one bouquet at a time. Here, every bloom bought is a step towards a more compassionate and sustainable world. We invite you to be a part of this beautiful journey together with Agrinag. 


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