Most Trending Wedding Colors For 2024

            Most Trending Wedding Colors For 2024

            While neutral tones and white/green palettes have dominated the wedding scene for the past five years, 2024 will be completely different!

            This year is all about bright colors - hot pinks, oranges, blues, and purple.


            Table of contents

            • Casual & Relaxed

            • Modern Chicness

            • Blue Summer Sky

            • Tropical Fun

            Casual & Relaxed


            This year Peach Fuzz color takes center stage, embodying a sense of warmth and connection. This soft and velvety peach tone emanates a spirit that holistically embraces the mind, body, and soul. Perfect for couples seeking a casual and relaxed wedding vibe, Peach Fuzz pairs beautifully with natural elements and outdoor settings like a garden.





            Modern Chicness

            Modern chicness

            Embrace modern chicness with the timeless combination of navy, white, and a touch of gold which looks stunning at a seaside wedding. These sophisticated hues and gleaming gold accents will truly elevate the ambiance and atmosphere. This is the perfect color palette for people who want a minimalistic wedding with touches of fun and color.




            Blue Summer Sky

            blue sky summer

            The most popular pallet for summer weddings has got to be a mixture of petal pink, cornflower blue, and mauve purple. These colors create an upscale garden atmosphere which works perfectly for an afternoon event. Also, Hydrangea in a soft blue color is a must-have!




            Tropical Fun

            Tropical FunWith this theme, it’s all about sunshine and serenity! Blooms like the elegant Heliconia and the Quirky Ginger add a lovely exotic twist with a touch of tropical charm.Explore our vibrant collection and let your imagination bloom!






            No matter the theme you’re going for, at iBuyFlowers we’ve got you covered with a wide variety of colorful blooms perfect for the event season.

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            Camila Salcedo

            Camila Salcedo

            Camila Salcedo is an online marketer fascinated by the ever-evolving world of flowers. With a background in content and digital marketing, she now focuses on exploring trends within the floral industry. Currently, with iBuyFlowers, Camila enjoys immersing herself in the world of blossoms while sharing her insights with others.

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