The journey of your farm-fresh wholesale Valentine roses!

            The journey of your farm-fresh wholesale Valentine roses!

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            Watched the video? Continue reading about the journey of Farm-fresh Valentine Roses:

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            1. Most popular Valentine Flowers

            2. Fresh flowers picked from the flower field at the grower

            3. FedEx takes over and starts the journey of the roses 

            4. Arrival in the United States

            5. Customs and clearing at the airport

            6. Fresh flowers delivered straight to your doorstep

            7. Check our special Valentine roses page

            While ordering all your farm-fresh valentine roses and other flowers online on our wholesale marketplace is super easy, inexpensive and fast, there is much more to the journey of the stems than you think! 

            Santa Claus has packed his things, jumped in his sleigh ride, and drove back to the north pole.

            The lovely days of Christmas are over but don't rest your feet yet! That means that Valentine's day is around the corner! 


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            Are you ready for Valentine's day this coming year? Valentine's day is one of the busiest days for florists all over the world.

            A day that sets records for rose sales and anything else that is red, pink, and reads "I love you". This year February the 14th falls on a Sunday so planning ahead is key!


            Behind the scenes, iBuyFlowers is being busier than ever to get you the best and freshest roses directly from the growers, in time for your big day!

            We only have two goals; 1. to provide you with the best farm-fresh flowers for Valentine's day and 2. make your preparation leading up to the 14th as relaxed and smooth as can be!


            The ultimate day of love is getting bigger and bigger each year. Prince & Prince, Inc. (P&P) is one of the leaders in market research in the department on the floral and green plant industries.

            Their projected U.S. market value for Valentine’s Day 2019 was about $169 million dollars greater than P&P’s 2018 market value projection.


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            We hope this year will even be a bigger year than before. The past year has been a very eventful one, not one entirely without struggles and road bumps one might say.

            So a little extra love to spread might be warmly welcomed by everyone.

            We want to take you with us on a short journey behind the scenes and show how what your Valentine flower has seen and experienced in their journey to your shop. 


            1. Fresh flowers plucked from the flower field at the grower

            the journey starts in the field where the flower is grown. The place where it enjoys the (southern) sunrays, water, and food to become the perfect stem for your floral creations. The rose stems get plucked by the grower and carefully put together in a small or bigger bunch and then placed in one of our specially designed flower-travel boxes. 

            Shipping box with flowers     DSC_0626-2 


            2. Fed Ex takes over and starts the journey of the roses 

            The farms then wave the full flower boxes goodbye and send the boxes off with Fed-ex to the airport of the country of origin. Once arrived at the airport, our quality supervisor is up all night to make sure you only get the best quality flowers! The fresh flowers need to be free of any issues such as broken stems, botrytis, and other diseases. 


            3. Arrival in the united states

            Once the roses have touched the ground of the United States after an exciting flight, they will be taken to a special hub in the area of the customers. This all can happen super fast! We even have the possibility to order flowers from Miami itself and receive them just 1 day later! 

            In the nearby hub, your beautiful roses will be given to the deliverer. After which the flowers will start the last part of their journey towards you. Can you almost smell them already? 

            4. Customs and clearing at the airport

            If your farm-fresh flowers have their origin in South America they will arrive first at Customs & clearing in Miami. This is a necessary procedure before goods can be imported or exported internationally. Have you ordered flowers from a Dutch grower? These shipments will go straight from the Netherlands to Memphis and pass customs & clearing there!

            5. Fresh flowers delivered straight to your doorstep

            The flowers get delivered on your doorstep or your (event) location of your choosing! You can ship your online-ordered flowers anywhere in the United States! Now it's up to you! Unleash your creativity with your super fresh Valentine's roses! 

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            Would you like to read more inside stories about iBuyFlowers and our growers? 

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            Since we're on the other side of the flower business we would love to see what you've made with the flowers you've ordered on our marketplace! Please share your creations with us on social media or send them to! 


   is the online fresh-flower wholesale marketplace for flowers straight from the growers. We provide the freshest farm-direct Valentine roses you can find for the best competitive prices! Shipping everywhere in the USA and you can source your flowers 24/7 online. join over 15000 Florist and wedding and event planners in their journey towards the freshest and best flowers!


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            Will de Wit

            Will de Wit

            Will founded in September 2016. His dad was a lily grower in The Netherlands, so he has been surrounded by flowers for as long as he can remember. Will: "My mission is to facilitate the florist shops, wedding & event planners with only 100% Farm Fresh Flowers direct from our 40+ farms. We proudly now serve over 1000+ US florists, wedding and event planners!"

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