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            About iBuyFlowers



            We believe that flowers should be shipped directly to you;
            not stuck in Miami coolers, trucks and wholesale houses.

            So we made online shopping for wholesale flowers directly from 100+ farms
            possible since 2017 for US Florists and Wedding & event planners.

            Order farm-direct

            Farm-direct quality. Up to 10 days longer vase life.  
            FREE delivery. On full boxes. 
            Lock your prices. Up to 6 months ahead.
            24/7. Shop when it's convenient for YOU.
            Cut for packing. Customize your box to fit your needs.
            Massive Inventory. Over 8,000 fresh cut items.
            Pay prior to packing. Not at ordering. No deposits.
            Cancel or adjust. Up to a week prior packing.
            Save time. No back and forth for pricing.
            Account Manager. Dedicated Rep from your region.
            Over 300 years of wholesale/floral experience. We are here for you.

            Through a local wholesaler 

            Product stored in coolers. Stuck in Miami, trucking and wholesale houses.
            Prices Unknown. Planning ahead is hard with special orders and wedding season.
            Availability not guaranteed. Always in doubt.
            Time loss. Findings new products for poor quality or substitutions.
            Cost. The cost of items can change in price on the day of shipping without notice.
            Communication. Waiting days for a simple return call.

            How farm-direct works

            1. You order 24/7 from 100+ farms on iBuyFlowers.com.

            2. The farms cut - pack - and ship directly to you.

            3. You receive extremely fresh flowers up to 10 days fresher than at a local wholesaler (where flowers get stuck in Miami coolers, trucks, and wholesale houses). 

            Over 300 years of wholesale/floral experience

            Our sales reps, customer and farm support experts and CEO worked for years in the floral industry to make it possible for professional florists and event designers like you to order extremely fresh wholesale flowers directly from 100+ farms:

            We worked for years:
            • At farms
            • As retail florist shop owners
            • As a certified Wedding & event floral designer
            • At flower wholesalers like: Mayesh, Dreisbach, Koehler & Dramm, Krueger, Pikes Peak, JW Perry, Everflora, DVFlora, Metz USA, Frank Adams, Kester, Potomac Floral, Fleura-Metz.
            How it all began

            The story behind our platform

            iBuyFlowers was founded by Wilfred de Wit, son of a Dutch lily grower. When he was young, he moved to Ecuador to start his own career in flowers. It was there that he realized that the flower industry needed a change. 

            Wilfred learned that flowers often travel long distances, going from grower to importer, to wholesaler and then to florists and event planners. Because of these delays, flowers are stored in coolers for days before they reach their final destination.

            Moreover, Wilfred realized flower professionals spend a lot of their time driving to their wholesalers to pick up flowers. "What if we could set up a new system that makes the lives of flower professionals easier?" Wilfred asked himself. He took matters into his own hands, hired a team, and founded the first B2B online fresh flowers marketplace.


            "Flowers should be shipped directly to you; not stuck in Miami coolers, trucks and wholesale houses."

            Wilfred de Wit, Founder & CEO iBuyFlowers

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            Quality, cost-effectiveness & convenience

            At iBuyFlowers, we know that florists and event planners look for three important things: quality, cost-effectiveness, and convenience. This is why our marketplace offers you the possibility to:
            Order farm-fresh flowers straight from growers
            Get prices up to 6 months in advance and subscribe to standing orders
            Source flowers 24/7 and get your flowers delivered straight  to your doorstep
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            The choice is always yours

            We deal with our growers directly, which is why you can secure prices up to 6 months in advance.

            The minimum box order is just one box, and all boxes can be customized at farm level by the bunch on variety and length. This means you only get what you need, at the right time and for a competitive price.

            We're here to make your floral life easier!

            Say hi to our team

            iBuyFlowers has dedicated teams with 300+ years in floral business, in both the United States and Latin-America. This way, we're close to our farms and our customers. 

            Yes, we are hiring »

            Wilfred de Wit | Founder & CEO


            Founder | CEO


            Co CEO
            Hans Huiszoon | CFO


            Chief Finance

            Pieter Jan

            Chief Product


            Chief Tech


            UX Designer


            Financial Controller
            Paula Vega


            Customer Service
            RosaMaria Vega

            Rosa Maria

            Customer Service Assistant
            Headshot Allison Snow


            Sales Manager


            Sales Representative
            Jacklyn Kent


            Sales Representative


            Sales Representative
            image (69)


            Sales Representative


            Sales Representative


            Sales Representative


            Sales Representative
            Picture Sander van Meurs-modified (1)


            Carlos Coral


            Farm & Logistic Manager
            Daniel Coral


            Grower Support Ecuador


            Grower Support Colombia
            Robyn Peterka


            Grower Support USA
            Rafael Vega


            Chief Masterlists


            Content Creator


            Marketing guru


            Marketing assistant


            CRM Hubspot specialist


            Internship student

            Did you know there are 5 different ways to shop your floral products on our platform!

            1. Buying in bulk -

            You can select the product and length you wish and order by the box lots only. Click here for more info.

            2. Customize your own box +

            Buy by the bunch at farm level and customize your own box. Start a custom box at a grower and fill up that box with more items from that same grower. After your custom box is filled or closed, you can start buying from all the 3 options again. Click here for more info.

            3. Shop by a shopping list +

            Use the shopping list technology and let the system buy at the most efficient way. Just add the products, minimum stem length, and quantities you need and let the shopping list technology search through all growers and packing options what will be your best and most affordable way to pack and ship all your flowers. This option works in general for larger quantities. Click here for more info.

            4. By standing order +

            Set a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly Standing Order and receive a more competitive price. For a weekly year-round Standing Order, you receive double quantities during Valentine's and Mothers Day for the same buying price.

            5. Re-order your previous boxes +

            Use the re-order button on your order history page to re-order the same box again for one or more dates. Click here for more info.