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The wholesale flower e-commerce for florists in the US!

With a year-round availability of fresh flowers, our online farm-fresh flowers sourcing platform saves you time sourcing flowers, leaving more time to spend on your creative endeavors, floral shop, and customers.

Save Time

You have a busy day-to-day schedule building and maintaining your customer base; you’re working in your shop and online to attract new customers and expand the relationship with existing ones. Your weekly (or sometimes even daily) trips to your wholesaler take up valuable time you'd rather spend on your business.

Sourcing flower varieties online saves time and allows you to order from the comfort of your own home, shop or on the go.

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More varieties to boost Creativity 

We partner with 40+ flower farms in Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, The Netherlands and the US. You're able to buy flowers by the bunch in a customized box at farm level, or buy in bulk for bigger occasions. We offer over 2,500 different flower varieties, hundreds of farm-made bouquets and a wide selection of greens, so you can wow your customers every day. Want a custom order of bouquets for your floral shop? No problem, we can help you with those special requests as well. Just contact our amazing customer service agents and they’ll be glad to help.

Secure Prices

Our fresh flower marketplace allows you to plan ahead for future events or busy times like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. You can secure prices up to 6 months in advance and we can also take care of your standing order needs against very competitive prices. All prices include direct to your doorstep or event, so there'll be no additional or hidden costs.

Whether you shop for your regular inventory or events, we provide you with easy online ordering, the freshest flowers and the best experience for your customers.


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This is our promise to you:

Freshest flowers directly from growers (>5 days fresher than traditional wholesale)
Efficient and easy online ordering
Secure prices up to 6 months in advance
Possibility of standing orders
Order by the bunch (no more surplus inventory)
All shipping, customs and doorstep delivery by FedEx
Year-round availability of over 2,500 flowers
75+ different farm-made bouquets recipees

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