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We are the B2B online fresh flowers platform

Founded in 2016 by Wilfred de Wit,, the B2B online fresh flowers platform, connects over 40 international growers with florists, wedding and event planners and more. Offering 4000+ different flowers and grower pre-assembled bouquets, provides the flower community with great variety, easy online ordering, on doorstep delivery (5 days a week) and the freshest flowers direct from growers.

Our Team’s mission

Providing our customers and growers a steller customer experience on our online B2B fresh flowers platform with the highest quality and assortment of flowers, direct grower online sourcing and on doorstep delivery.

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In need of farm fresh roses? Discover our wide variety of roses, spray roses and garden roses.


We absolutely love ranunculus; How about you? Go discover them in our marketplace!

Red alstroemeria


Shop our Alstroemeria (or: lily of the Incas) and add some magic touch to your order.

Our CEO: ‘I love flowerS’

I founded in September 2016. But my roots go way back. My dad was a lily grower in The Netherlands and after my study Economics I moved to California. After 6 months working for Sun Valley Floral Farm, I have been working for a year at the Dutch flower auction for Holex. After 13 months I moved to Ecuador. Soon I was responsible for 40+ acres of flowers sales for Grupo Arbusta. When I was 25, I went back to The Netherlands and I started my own company, Holland Brokers. Selling flower bulbs through the internet. After a few years I started a joint venture in Ecuador growing lilies for import and wholesale customers in the US.

My mission is to facilitate the florist shops, wedding & event planners with only 100% Farm Fresh Flowers direct from our 40+ farms. We proudly now serve over 1000+ US florists, wedding and event planners!

Wilfred de Wit – Founder and CEO

CEO iBuyFlowers, Will de WIt

We do things differently

Our flowers ship directly from the farms around the world to your doorstep, not via ‘Miami’ where flowers are stored in coolers for days. Because we deal with the growers directly, users of our platform can secure prices up to 6 months in advance. The minimum box order is just one box, and boxes can be customized at farm level by the bunch on variety and length.  

We proudly represent 40+ growers from 5 countries

AGI – Agrirose
AGR – Agrocoex
ALM – Alma Roses
CHA – Agricola El Chaupi
CVL – Grupo Florisol
DFL – Devine Flowers
DSF – Desire Farms
EBL – El Boliche
EMC – Magic Flowers
EQR – EQR Roses
FAC – Florecal
FDT – Flores de Tumbabiro
FLO – Grupo Florisol
FSI – Florsani
NEV – Nevado Roses
NTA – Nintanga
PDS – Proteas del Sol A.
SAN – Sande Callas
SAP – Sisapamba
SAS – Sachaflor
SBQ – Sande Bouquets
TAN – Turis Agro Nelpo
VAL – Valleflor

AFR – Afrodita 
ALE – Alexandra Farms
CCV – Columbia Verde
FDC – Flores del Colon
FUN – Flores de Funza
RDF – El Redill
RSM – Rosamina
ZNF – Zion Flowers

Costa Rica:
RTO – Rio Tapezco

United States:
ABP – Alasa Beauty Peonies
BNT – Wayne Bennett Ferneries
CMF – Camflor
DPF – Denali Peonies|
DRP – Diamon Ridge Peonies
EQM – EQR Miami
GVF – Green Valley Wholesale
OCF – Oregon Coastal Flowers
OJG – O & J Growers

VDK – Van Dijk Bloemen


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Wilfred de Wit - CEO

Wilfred de Wit

Jan Willem Schalkwijk - CMO

Jan-Willem Schalkwijk
Chief Commercial Officer

Pieter Jan Troost - Chief Product Officer

Pieter Jan Troost
Chief Product Officer

Hans Ospina - CTO

Hans Ospina
Chief Technical Officer

Carol Reilly

Carol Reilly
Account Manager

Joseph G

Joseph G
Account Manager

Paulina Vega
Customer service & Account Assistant

Carlos Coral

Carlos Coral
Grower & logistic manager


Daniel Coral
Grower services

Johan Brekelmans - CFO

Johan Brekelmans
Chief Financial Officer