Apr 8, 2021 1:08:57 AM by Will de Wit

Plan the best delivery day for your Farm-Fresh Flowers!


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How to choose the best delivery date for your premium quality farm-fresh flowers from iBuyFlowers

We take care that our flowers are the best quality and are shipped straight from the flower fields to your shop, studio or event!

We shorten the journey for our flowers by skipping a few steps in the supply chain. 

That's why our flowers will last much longer than regular wholesale flowers and will most likely still be in their buds when you receive them! And we want to assist you in your floral planning accordingly. 

When to order?  

Place your order delivery date at least 3-5 days prior to your event.

Do not order one day prior / same day to your event, in case a box is delayed by Fed-ex (see our claim policy).

Our flowers are farm fresh and will last!


bloom days of garden roses (1)

Above your can see an example of the Alabaster Garen rose's bloom life. 



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