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            Vday wholesale flowers

            Update 02/07:
            Flowers are arriving at US Florists

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            Behind the scenes:

            The journey of your farm-direct Vday flowers

            • Farms truck your flowers to the airport
            • All iBuyFlowers boxes get grouped together
            • Your boxes are shipped Priority Overnight and delivered to your door 

            How farm-direct works

            1. You order 24/7 from 100+ farms on iBuyFlowers.com.

            2. The farms cut - pack - and ship directly to you.

            3. You receive extremely fresh flowers up to 10 days fresher than at a local wholesaler (where flowers get stuck in Miami coolers, trucks, and wholesale houses). 

            See whats still available

            Frequently Asked Questions:

            Can I still order for Valentine's Day?
            There are only a few farms that have flowers for Last Minute orders.
            When do I pay (only prior to packing)?
            Yes, we only charge your credit card prior to packing, not at checkout. But now that Vday is so close you have to checkout right away.

            Reviews from Florist and Event planners:



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            Our 100+ farms partners:

            Agrogana Nov2021-16 smallb
            Ecuador & Colombia

            The worlds best Roses, Garden Roses, Spray Roses Ranuncules, and many more.

            US grower-b
            United States

            Local US farms producing eucalyptus, ferns, woody branches, garlands, peonies and summer flowers. 


            Novelties like Tulips.

            We select farms that take care of their land, their crops and their people:

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            Shop 8000+ flowers by the bunch or box

            - FREE Shipping on full boxes - 

            Garden Roses
            Spray roses
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