Memorial Day Flower Assortment 2021

            Memorial Day Flower Assortment 2021

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            Memorial Day is almost here and we have the most beautiful red, white and blue-tinted flowers lined up for you to remember those who lost their lives fighting for our country. 


            Tinted Roses

            tinted memorial day flowers wholesale

            tinted memorial day roses and flowers

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             Carnations can be dyed almost any color and are very hardy cut flowers that last a very long time with just very little care!

            red and white memorial day carnation flowers in bulk wholesale

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            Our extensive standard collection pre-made bouquets make your professional floral life a whole lot easier! Every bouquet is freshly made at the farm and directly shipped to your front door!

            memorial pre-made bouquet for florists

            memorial day bouquets for florists

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            Will de Wit

            Will de Wit

            Will founded in September 2016. His dad was a lily grower in The Netherlands, so he has been surrounded by flowers for as long as he can remember. Will: "My mission is to facilitate the florist shops, wedding & event planners with only 100% Farm Fresh Flowers direct from our 40+ farms. We proudly now serve over 1000+ US florists, wedding and event planners!"