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Our Grower EBL: El Boliche from Ecuador

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Partners with since October 2019

We are providers of one of the earth’s most beautiful gifts: a specialty rose grown in the altitudes of the Andes. A rose that has been shipped across the oceans, flown across the skies, only to be delivered as the ultimate form of affection and regard; from our hands to yours, from your hands to those of your loved ones. 

Available products to mix & match:

  • Roses
  • Spray Roses
  • Victorian Roses

In 2001, our first flower farm came into existence through a partnership with Rose Connection that lasted until 2013. The project’s commercial arm was managed by Quito Inor Flowers. In 2011, El Boliche, a niche product company was founded. In 2015, the brokerage side of the company was shut down due to the crisis that hit Russia. Thus, all the expertise and energies were focused on developing the farm’s brand. An effort that has resulted in several awards throughout the years.