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Order fresh quality flowers ahead of time

Farm- Fresh Flower e-commerce for wedding and event planners

With a year-round availability of premium farm-fresh flowers and special varieties, we support wedding & event planners in creating the most magical memorable moments for their clients.

This allows them to focus more on developing beautiful flower arrangements that will leave any guest speechless with delight.

iBuyFlowers' e-commerce wholesale saves you time sourcing your flowers, leaving more time to spend on creating your beautiful flower arrangements, and helps you plan ahead by locking prices to 6 months in advance. 



No limits to your creativity

Every wedding is different, and so are all wedding couples. One will go crazy for an archway made with peonies, another dreams of walking down an aisle lavished with carnations. What if you, as a wedding and event planner, could go all-in with your floral arrangements without any seasonal limitations and with the freshest flowers you've ever seen?

And you have access to all the latest flower innovations to make your arrangements even more special for your customers?

Well, here at iBuyFlowers, you can and you have.

With availability from over 2500 different flower varieties, you can mix and match to create the most wonderful event.

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Secure prices 6 months ahead

Our online e-commerce site allows you to plan ahead for multiple future events or weddings. You can secure prices up to 6 months in advance and we can support your special requests against very competitive prices.

All flower prices include direct shipping to your doorstep or event, so there'll be no additional or hidden costs.

Whether you shop for a regular event or a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we provide you with easy online ordering, the freshest flowers, and the best experience for your customers. 


Save Time 

Our online marketplace lets you create special moments from the comfort of your own home, event, or on the go. You can select and find new varieties without needing to visit a wholesaler. You immediately see which flowers are available for the dates and weeks of your customer's event and you can have them delivered to your doorstep, studio, shop, or the event itself.

You have a busy schedule planning and organizing top-notch events for your customers. You’re either focusing on upcoming events or working on your own social media strategy to attract new customers and expand the relationship with existing ones.

You love flowers, the creativity of new arrangements, and the joy they bring people.  The choice is yours!

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This is our promise to you:

Efficient online sourcing
The freshest flowers directly from growers
Special flower varieties to make your event stand out
Secure prices up to 6 months in advance
Shipping, customs and doorstep delivery by FedEx
Delivery 5 days a week to your wedding and event  location
Year-round availability of over +2,500 flowers

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