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A Bouquet of Flowers is Food for the Soul!

Flowers have traditionally been a ‘gift’ item that usually goes hand in hand with a gift, such as a bottle of wine or of course roses and lingerie for Valentine’s Day. And flowers play a major role at a wedding and go hand in hand with the wedding dress. These just seem like matches made in heaven. But why are flowers not a standalone item at every house?

How come not more people buy flowers for themselves when more and more research is coming out how flowers can reduce anxiety and stress but more importantly shift from a bad day to a happy day? Even recently the popular Marie Kondo wrote that flowers will for sure spark joy! Marie Kondo wrote on social media that she will even buy flowers for her hotel room when she travels.

Once again, I ask myself how come research shows that only 20% of consumers will buy flowers for themselves?

Please invest in yourself and shift your mindset from only seeing flowers as a gift and treat yourself regularly to some joy. We strive to have the freshest flowers, because we believe that everyone deserves a ‘spark of joy’ and that doesn’t mean it has to break your bank or last a couple of days. Make sure you buy farm fresh flowers because your flowers will last longer. Ask your florist, your super market etc. where do they get their flowers from? Our flowers literally get cut and put in the box and shipped directly to the business. And that means you can enjoy your flowers a lot longer. Any fresher and you would have to pick them yourself.

So, with this blog post I want to challenge everyone that is having a bad day or is simply looking for some joy. Swing by and pick up a bouquet of flowers.  I did just that! I received some bad news and while being out, I decided to make a special stop to pick up some flowers. Tulip season is almost in full swing, so I picked up a couple of tulips. Look at the before and after. It did put a smile on my face.

Please share your before and after! Spark some joy!

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