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iBuyFlowers is partnering with Curate

We are excited to have joined forces with Curate in a strategic partnership to offer the best user experience in managing floral needs from start to finish. This partnership will enable Curate customers to effortlessly process all their floral orders within minutes through the iBuyFlowers platform.

We at iBuyFlowers know that ordering flowers is only part of the job of managing your floral needs. In order to track cost, margin, and a lot more, another solution needs to be in place. Partnering with Curate, the floral management platform created specifically for the needs of floral shops who do weddings and events, ties the best of both worlds together. Curate handles the proposal creating and project management side, and iBuyFlowers handles all the floral needs. We will continue to deliver farm fresh flowers to the doorstep of any business. It’s the best of two worlds.

But there is more! The NEW iBuyFlowers Shopping List will now also be available to all Curate customers. Which means a user can simply enter their floral needs in the Curate software. Press send and iBuyFlowers will take it from there. We will process the Shopping List within 10 min and provide all cost and substitution suggestions. Then simply review you Shopping Cart and Check Out. Done! If you have not seen the Shopping List. Click here for a quick intro.

We process all orders just like you are used to from iBuyFlowers, but the major advantage is that you will now be able to send your flowers directly into your Shopping Cart, eliminating the extra work. Could it be any easier?

Are you not familiar with Curate and want to learn more, click here.

This partnership is as fast, fresh & easy as it sounds!

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